Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Look who is NOT talking!

Lai Moh'd is not talking now. The Tinubunisation of Lagos State is going on apace.With a Senator wife, a House of Rep cum Iyaloja General General of Lagos daughter, a lackey as the State governor ,control of about 6 governors ,control of money spinning Toll gates,etc Senator Tinubu has it all made. Some folks simply has all the luck! However, if the shoe is on the other leg ala Jonathan, Lai would have shouted himself hoarse telling all who cares to listen about the evils of nepotism and Godfatherism etc etc. My point is : you no holy pass. Either PDP or APC none has the higher moral ground. Lai Mohammed should therefore, spare us the sabre rattling,sanctimony, and false indignation.