Sunday, 29 December 2013

Can A Leopard Change Its Spots?

The recent cross-carpetting of the 37 House of representative members has been applauded by some political pundits and their fellow ACN co-travellers. However, a critical analysis of the move shows that the ecampees are politicians who will always behave to type. They would tend to do what favours their political future rather than the interest of the masses who 'elected' them.

For example can anybody name any of the cross-carpeters that sought the opinion of their constituency? One would expect a move this weighty should have been sanctioned by the very people they are supposed to be representing. By jumping ship have their self serving toga been shed and left behind in their old ship? I guess not. Are they now new creatures spotless and clean? Will they now tell naija how much their take home pay packet is? Are they not the same people that constitute the party ACN sees as Nigeria number one public enemy? By changing party nomenclature can it be said they have changed their ways? I believe thye were the problem that IS the PDP. This momentous gamble of theirs is self seeking to say the least. Really, can a leopard change its spots?

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