Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Salary, Workers, and their Governor

  Salary, Workers,  and their Governor 

    Watching Coretv some days ago I saw some on obviously paid miscreants in Imo state demonstrating in support of the Governor,  Okorocha.  The kernel of their demonstration is that the striking workers of the state should be given the boot and that they should in turn be employed instead.  It is instructive to say here that the state workers are presently on strike due to the government inability to pay their five months (and upwards) salaries. It would have been laughable if not  for the seriousness of the matter.
That some group of people would want to take the place of workers who are presently on strike due to lack of salary speak volumes of their collective and individual intelligence. To think the Governor was on the entourage of president Buhari to the U.S last week.  Okorocha is however not the only Governor owing workers backlog of salary. I make bold to say these governors are either bad managers (read damagers).  Their respective administrations should be probed by the EFCC and allied anti-corruption agencies.  The livelihoods of untold numbers of workers and their hangers-on are  unnecessarily put in abeyance due to the actions and inactions of these governors

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