Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Heads Do not roll in Naija

It is alarming The Rate At Which Fraud Of Mind Boggling Proportions Are Daily Being uncovered In official Circles. Today, The latest News Is That The Federal Government Has Uncovered And Recovered N34b From Illegal MDAs Accounts. We Are Talking Here Of A Billion Naira In thirty-four Places.This Sum Is Humongous To Say The Least.This Amount Has The Capacity To Turn Cities In The Nation Into Mini Heavens. Gone Were The Days When We Used To Hear Of Thousands And Millions Being Embezzled By those In Government. The In Thing Now is Billions. The thinking Is That Millions Are No Longer Worth The Effort. What With The Payment Of Senior Advocates Of Nigeria(SANs)for their Legal Fees To fight Your Battle In Court.Also Factor In the Greasing Of Palms Of court Officials And The like. The bill May run Into hundreds Of Million Naira By The Time The Court Proceedings Are Settled.If You Want To Have Something Tangible Left After All These It Will Do You a Lot Of Good To Steal As Much As Possible. At Least That Is The Theory. A Yoruba proverb says If the child Has The lips to Cover its buck Tooth It May Go Ahead And Grow One.Transposing That Proverb Into The Nigeria corruption Milieu, The lips Is Equivalent To A Corrupt Person Going scot-Free.The Stubborn Child is the Corrupt Public Officer. The Onus Is On The Government Not To Provide The Lips(Read The Environment Of Impunity) which The Child(Corrupt Officer) Will Use To Cover their Wrongdoing. Whither The Case Of Iyabo Obasanjo And Co,Bankole, Farouk Lawan, Babangida's S12b etc. There Is No Gainsaying The Fact That James Onanefe Ibori would Have Been Freed Had He Been Tried In Nigeria. Civil Servants Have Since perfected The Art Of Making Money Disappear From Their Politrician (Sic) Comrade Don't Forget The Pension Thief was also Freed By The Nigeria Court with Nothing But A Slap On The Wrist(or Was it A touch to The Wrist.The Great Ambivalence, Prevarication and lip Service been Paid to The Vexing Issue Of Corruption Must Stop Henceforth. Nigeria Is Currently The 35th Most Corrupt Nation In The World According To Transparency International, TI. Countries Like Benin Republic,Mali,Niger,Togo ranked Higher. Corruption, According To TI "Destroy Lives And Communities And Undermines Countries and Institutions. It Generates popular Anger That Threatens To Further destabilises Societies and Exacerbate Violent conflicts". Corruption "Leads To Failure In The delivery Of basic Services Like education Or healthcare. It Derails the Building Of Essential Infrastructure as Corrupt Leaders skim Funds" To Stop Or At Best Slow Down The Brisk March Of Corruption In Nigeria Corrupt people Must not only Be Made examples Of But Must Be Seen To Have Been Made Examples Of. The Era Of Impunity Must Stop Forthwith. We Are Tired Of Being Regaled Daily With one jaw Dropping Tales Of Corruption Or The Other. Late Pini Jason Postulated A Theory In The Eighties. He Said the Noise Of A Nigeria Is Directly Proportional To His Distance From the Opportunity to Steal Public funds. The Nearer He Gets To The opportunity The Less the Noise he makes.Was He Right? Is Corruption In The Average Nigerian Blood? I Dare To Say No!

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