Friday, 19 July 2013

The four Horsemen

The Visit Of the Four Northern Governors To Rivers State Has Come And Gone But The Controversies It Engendered Still Lingers. The Visit Has been Interpreted In diverse ways according To The Where One Stands In The Political divide. Some Say It Was A Visit By BH to PH. Others that Amaechi Is In Need Of Friends In High Places especially now hat he is embattled politically. It Is however curious that these Governors had never deemed it fit to pay solidarity visit to any Southern State for the routine killing Of Their Kith And Kins Up North. By The Boko Haramites. This Is More So Given The Fact That No One Single soul Has Been Lost In Rivers State As A Result Of The Political Logjam Currently Playing Out In The state. On the Face Value The Visit Would Have Been In Order But For The Fact That A Worse Scenario Is Been Played Out In Their Very Backyard. One Of The August Visitor Even Have A State Of Emergency currently splapped On His State Due to the Murderous Activities Of the Boko Haram In His State. I Believe This Is Akin To A Situation Where One Is Busy Removing A speck From Another's Eye While A Log Is Right There In One's Very Eyes. Physician Heal Thyself. These Northern Four Horsemen Have More Than Enough On Their Plates Per The Boko Haram Insurgency Or maybe they think not. Their visit To River State is Anything but Altruistic. It Is about 2015.No More No Less. The Jostling Has Begun In full Force. They See In Amaechi a Checkmate To President Goodluck Perceived Intention To Run for Presidency Come 2015. Amaechi Is The Cat's Paw. Amaechi will Do well To Watch His Back. He Should Beware Of Fair Weather Friends Playing Out Their Secret Political agenda And Permutations.

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