Saturday, 20 July 2013

Show of Shame in Senate

A Show Of Shame Recently Played Out In The Nigeria Senate.The Drama Had to do with the age at which a Female is deemed to be biologically and psychologically matured. The Nigeria Constitution alludes to 18 Years. However On The Floor Of the Senate On 16 July 2013 During The Constitutional Amendment Vote Some Northern Senators Led by Senator Ahmed Sani Yerima nearly Marred The Exercise.The Kennel Of Their Grouse Is 18 Years Should Not Be The Age Of Maturity For A Female In Nigeria. It Is Instructive To Note That It Is This Self same Senator That Was Accused Of Marrying A Thirteen (13)year Old Egyptian Child Way Back In 2009. As It Stands eighteen(18) Years Is The Age Of Maturity For A Female In Nigeria. The Gospel According To Senator Ahmed Rufai Sani Yerima And His Co Travellers is That Once A Female Is Married She Is Of Age. That Is To Say If She Married At Twelve, For Example,then She Is Matured. Yerima,Representing Zamfara West, Is An Unrepentant Advocate Of Child Marriage Basing His Argument On Islamic Teachings And Practice. Born 22 July 1960, The Senator And His Ilk Should Be More Circumspect And Proactive In Dealing With Today's Challenges. Paedophilia Has No Place In Today's Reality. Marrying A Child IS Raping The Child.In a Region That Has A Very High Rate Of VesicoViginaFistula one Would Have expected The Distinguished Senator To Toe The Path Of moral Rectitude . According to USAID more Than 200,000 Nigerian Women Suffer From The Scourge Of VVF. This Figure Represents About 40% Of World Cases Of the Scourge. With 12,000 Women Developing VVF Each Year In Nigeria One Would Have Expected The senator And His Cohorts To Be More Socially Responsible. A Child is A Child Either Married Or Not.Lowering The Age Of Maturity For A Female Will Only exacerbate The The High Incidence Of Diseases,Mental Illness,female school Drop out Rate.Marrying A Child Is No More Than Marrying A Domestic Plaything to Be Used To Pander To The Sexual Fantasies Of Some one Usually Old Enough To Be Her Grandfather. We Are Not Living In A Troglodytic Society Anymore. Lets Call A Spade A Spade.A Child Is A Child Whichever Way You May Want To Look At It.

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