Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Naija Justice

The High Court sentenced him to death, the Appeal Court freed him of all charges. I believe something is wrong with Justice in al-Mustapha's case. The two verdicts are both extremes.One thought his 'sins' were too much as to warran tdeath while the other believe Mustapha is spick and span and without blemish. It would have been laughable were it not a serious issue of life and death. So had it been there was no appeal he would've been killed for what the Appeal Court counted as no wrongdoing. Methink the Judiciary should pause & ponder the case as it sends a wrong signal to the public. Anyway, It Has Been Said Been Found Not Guilty Does Not Equal To Been Found Innocent. It May Have To Do With The Law Of Evidence And How The Prosecution Went About Proving Its Case. Or The Prosecution May Deliberately Bungle The Case Due To Reasons That Are Not Farfetched.

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