Saturday, 3 August 2013

BBA and Morality

I do not understand what BBA is about. What i thought was that the show was about entertaining. But it beats me how soft porn has now become the staple. BBA is trying to be more catholic than the Pope. The housemates are in South Africa but it seems the show is taking Western Culture to the limits in an African setting.
The argument for it may be:if you don't want it don't watch the show.However i believe BBA should rachet down the shock value for conservatives like me who want to see the intrigues,schemings and backstabbings that people living in close quarters are wont to pit on display. The pix are that of Nigerian Beverly Osu and South African guy Angelo throwing decorum to the winds and succumbing to the flesh despite the cameras last Friday night.I call it a public show ofshame

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