Sunday, 25 August 2013

Dare Devil Stowaway Boy

This boy Daniel Ihekina was a stowaway on Arik Aircraft 5N-MJG on 24,August 2013. The boy was noticed by the crew some 200-300 m in the bush in Benin city airport before take off. The control tower was promptly alerted and they relayed back that the boy will be apprehended. The control tower gave the all clear. The aircraft flight W3 544 was taxing for take off at 9.00am local time when the crew noticed the boy running towards the aircraft. The control tower said the situation will be taken care of. On landing at Lagos airport the boy jumped down from the wheel and was promptly arrested.That the boy could beat security at the airport defies logic considering the fact that the security was notified of the boy's presence in the first place. This incident captures succinctly the parlous state of security in Nigeria. If security can be so lapse at an airport one can imagine what obtains elsewhere. If the boy had been a suicide bomber or even planted a bomb on the aircraft the fate of the passengers would have been doomed.Meanwhile the recrimination and
finger pointing and blame shifting between the agencies involved continues. Hope some heads will roll.

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