Saturday, 10 August 2013

Of Cyber-bullies & Trolls

Cyber-bullying has become a recurring decimal on many internet sites of recent.The case of Hannah Smith who killed herself Friday,2nd of August is the the most recent statistic. She logged on to the website to seek help for her recurring eczema.Rather than offer the needed assistance some internet trolls told her to 'go commit suicide', 'do us all a favour n kill urself', 'go cut ur self n die', etc. She promptly tidied her room and hung herself in her bedroom. She joined a growing list of youngsters who committed suicide after being bullied on the site.They include Joshua Unsworth, 15 who died April, Ciara Pugsley,15 who died September, and Erin Gallagher 13, who died October. The trolls were unrelenting even after her death. They went on Hanna's Facebook tribute page with one branding her a coward.
The fact remains that the world is a cruel place and to a more or less extent, the internet where the bully could be faceless by hiding their identity. The trolls would always be with us therefore my suggestion would be to be wise to their wiles and tactics. Immature youngsters should join sites with the utmost caution.Some youngsters claim to be above 18 when signing up while they are in fact below.Parents should teach their
children and wards to be aware of trolls and bullies where ever they may be especially on the net. When a youth suspects or actually experiences bullying on the net such individual should opt out of such sites. It is much easier and tidier that way.

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