Saturday, 17 August 2013

Naija: Land of Contradiction

Naija is a land of contradiction.We have petroleum in abundance but import all our daily oil requirement. We have abundance gas but cook with firewood. We don't have enough electricity but export same to neighbouring countries. We have no security yet our soldiers are all over the world maintaining the peace. We have a Federal Constitution yet run a Unitary one. Rich yet so poor.Naija should be lending to nations money not the other way round.Talk of exporting what you don't have and importing what you have. A contradiction if there ever was one.A continental leader in female football but our girls are everywhere but Naija. Sometimes ago some girls came to naija to play in our league but left when they found nothing on ground. Can't blame them. Every problem will be solved by the year 2000. The year came and went. Vision 2010? Shonekan and his team went everywhere to put a document together. It was dumped after lot of efforts and fund had been expended. Now we have Vision 202020. Without political will no amount of vision this or that will see the light of day. We've been truly blessed. Truly blessed with one of the worst leadership cadre in the world.

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