Sunday, 4 August 2013

Igbo and Lagos Yoruba Patrimony

What is this talk about the Igbos being hard working and the Yorubas being lazy?I always read this on many threads. I believe once you can feed your family without resorting to illegalities nobody has a right to call you lazy. The Igbos are adept at buying and selling while the Yorubas are captains of Industry. Don't also forget it is not ALL items the Igbos buy and sell. Where i live only Yorubas sell Mothercare items for example. Please don't ever call the Yorubas lazy again. If you are so hardworking stay in your enclave and sell to yourselves. The Igbos need people to buy from them too. They are not doing anybody any favour. Igbos generally are wise to another Igbo's wiles and tactics hence they need other tribes to buy their wares. Igbos should be grateful for the patronage they receive. They should not therefore call others lazy or hold others on derison. If it is that easy they should stay in their villages or enclaves and try to develop such places. They should not say they develop Lagos as they are wont to say.

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